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"The Greatest Oratorio every performed"

George Frideric Handel and The Messiah

Handel (1685-1759) was an English composer of German birth who arrived in London in 1710. In 1741 he moved to Ireland after composing his Messiah. The Messiah premiered in Dublin and a successful series of concerts in which it featured raised large sums of money for local charities which is what we continue today, raising money for local good causes and charities. Unpopular at first it had a succesful revival and in the 19th century it became customary to perform it with enormous forces. We capture the spirit of these 'enormous forces' today by combining singers from all backgrounds, abilities and places to make a huge choir making a large powerful uplifting sound. 

"Messiah is uncharacteristic of Handel's oratorios in part because of its largely undramatic, more contemplative, nature and its text, which is compliled from passages in the Bible."
The Oxford  Companion to Music

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